Football Sportsmanship Does it Exists Anymore

Football or Soccer as it is called in North America is the most played and watched sport in the World. In many of the developing countries, football is seen as a way to remove the person and their families to a better way of life. But, recently, professional football has taken a nose dive in sportsmanship that has ebbed its way down to grass root level.In sport it’s not just the rules that govern the mode of play; there is also the etiquette which underlies the spirit of the game.Players routinely report an accidental misdemeanor which they have committed while out of sight of any observer. They are then penalised so that no advantage is obtained. It’s called being fair. To see this occur sends tingles down my spine and deeply enhances my appreciation of the game and of life itself.

Football is the source of most bad gamesmanship. There is barely any etiquette left in the game at all and it seems that this attitude of winning at all costs is seeping into other sports. It should be the other way round and that the good manners within golf were the source of inspiration for all of the sporting fraternity.In a few weeks the new football season begins and what a contrast this will be. There will be abuse and physical violence on and off the pitch, petulance will be rife and cheating will be routine.

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